Poll: More New Mexicans Say "Legalize It"

18 hours ago

Currently nine states and the District of Colombia have legalized recreational use of marijuana for adults over 21. Supporters of such a measure in New Mexico now point to a new public opinion survey they say shows New Mexicans’ growing support for legal cannabis here. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll prepared this report.

KSFR'S Wake Up Call For May 23, 2018

18 hours ago

On today's Wake-Up Call, KSFR’s Dennis Carroll has the story of the rising popularity of legalizing cannabis in New Mexico. Also on the program today: the Marketplace morning report; a KSFR Local News update, and episode 11 of Jack and Celestia Loeffler’s “Watersheds As Commons.”  

On Tuesday’s KSFR Wake-Up Call, host Tom Trowbridge speaks with a former state lawmaker who’s committed to bridging the growing partisan divide in Santa Fe.

KSFR'S Wake Up Call For May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018

On this morning's KSFR Wake-Up Call, Tom Trowbridge speaks with a former state lawmaker who's intent on leveling the playing field for political independents, among other things. Also today, while the United States is out of the Paris Climate Accords, Santa Fe County isn't. And the controversial Public Education Department policy regarding reading proficiency is back on the front burner; KSFR's Ellen Lockyer has a report.

Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy Discussed On “Community Matters “ The third Monday of the month, Wake-Up Call is pleased to share Community Matters, the public affairs discussion hosted by the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

Today on KSFR's Wake-Up Call: Part One of a two-part conversation with Legendary Community Activist, Chico Brown.

The three Democratic candidates for Governor in New Mexico’s June primary spent much of the weekend debating one another.

KSFR's Tom Trowbridge has details:

KSFR'S Wake Up Call For May 21, 2018

May 21, 2018

This morning on KSFR's Wake-Up Call: The three Democratic candidates for Governor in New Mexico’s June primary spent much of the weekend debating one another…we’ll hear one interesting exchange. Also today: on America Speaks. Tish Lampert chats with L.A. community leader Chico Brown. And on Community Matters from the Santa Fe Community Foundation, this month's topic is teen and unplanned pregnancy.

Liz Wallace

KSFR Art Beat Reporter John Shannon followed up on our recent story from the dark side of the art world concerning fake Native American art work. Here's his conversation with Native American Artist Liz Wallace who attended a sentencing hearing for 2 individuals convicted of producing counterfeit jewelry.

The Espanola Valley Arts Center begins today! Earlier this month on KSFR's Wake-Up Call, Tom Trowbridge spoke with April Jouse, Director of Operations at the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center, which helps put-on the event. 


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